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The Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort has made a steady development since its foundation in 1971. During the last 40 years the Resort was extended many times and it offers now 253 rooms and suites in 6 different categories. Today, the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort can accommodate approximately 600 guests.
The trend of the worldwide tourism arrived in Kenya in the late sixties and the early seventies. Until then, long journeys like travelling to far exotic places, had been a longing for those who were able to afford it. Long-range journeys, which were made by car or by cruise liners earlier, had been made easier for people. The era of flights had begun and with this Kenya became a holiday destination. Investors and businessmen with visions shared the opinion that Kenya had the potential to become a gold mine.
The Diani Beach is one of the top 25 beaches all over the world. The sandy beach has a length of 10 km and it is situated 30 km in the south of Mombasa. In 1971 the foundations for the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort was laid.
The founding families MacLeod, McKenzie, McCrindle and Benzimra shared the same opinion and decided to purchase the magnificent piece of land, on which you can find the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort today. The whole property measures 437 ha, of which 15 ha were used to build the Resort. Furthermore the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort offers a direct access to the ocean and a sandy beach with a length of 400 m.
The construction of the hotel atop a coral reef was a sensation and it became a huge success. The hotel was constructed using only local building materials and with that the Resort was perfectly integrated into the environment. Besides the Makuti, (palm roofs), the furniture was produced out of local wood and the pillows were weaved out of local fabrics. A cave, which was discovered coincidental during purges and excavations, has been converted to the „Lamu Bar“, which later became the „Pango Bar“.
The Lodge was at first a two-storey building atop a coral reef, which offered a view of the dreamy garden with its inconceivable beauty of the plants. Furthermore there is the diversity of animals, like the Galagos, different kinds of monkey species, for example the rare Colobus monkeys, the Baobab trees, which are over 500 years old and the immensity of the Indian Ocean.
The Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort was opened on the 2nd of February in 1972 by the Kenyan dignitary, the first president of the country Mr. Jomo Kenyatta. Since then a memorial plaque of this special event is decorating the lobby.

During 1975 and 1980 the German Government supported capital projects worldwide to extend the tourism. Kenya was one of those projects.
During that time Dr. Wilhelm Meister, a German lawyer, was one of the most important persons because he and his colleague bought shares of the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort. Dr. Meister had set himself the goal to create the most brilliant and tourism-friendly holiday resort at the Kenyan East Coast. His honorable intentions persuaded him to emigrate to Kenya so that he could supervise the construction project.
During the 2nd half of the seventies they built 80 additional hotel rooms and 38 club rooms. Two years later the Resort was extended with 56 club rooms and 4 penthouses, which are named today as “Bustani Deluxe rooms” and “Bustani Suites”. After the development during the seventies the Leisure Lodge was put internationally in a higher category and with that it helped Diani Beach to gain a new reputation.
Due to his excellent commitment, Dr. Meister turned the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort into a touristic attraction. Most of the guests are coming from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium and Scandinavia. In 1985 Dr. Wilhelm Meister became executive president of the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort.
The first leather bound guest book proves that Dr. Meisters connections have contributed to the success of the Resort. The Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort has accommodated a lot of interesting guests, like Kenyan Presidents, famous movie and theatre stars, film directors, authors and artists. Who does not know them all: William Holden, Lesley-Ann Down, Berti Vogts, Christiane Krüger, Bruni Löbel, Marijke Amado and many more.

The success of the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort with its unique concept was the main reason for building 16 Golf Villas and for the construction of the 18-Hole Championship Golf Course.

In 1991 Dr. Wilhelm Meister commissioned the famous architect Tommy Fjastad to design the 18-Hole Golf Course. The construction work started in May 1992.

Unfortunately Dr. Wilhelm Meister died on the 30th of June 1993 because of his cancer disease. Tommy Fjastad planted a Baobab tree along the 1st Fairway in order to keep the memory of Dr. Meister, who never saw the golf course in its completeness.
After the new owner of the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort had finished the construction work, the 18-Hole Championship Golf Course was opened on the 12th of May 1998 by the minister of tourism. The unique location at Diani Beach and the Golf Club upgraded the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort to the group of the exclusive Resorts all over Africa.

During the following years the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort turned into a touristic attraction. The Resort accommodated more and more guests, who became later regular guests. Many of them remained true to the Lodge until today, not least because of the kindness of our employees and the native citizens.

In the last few years the tourism in Kenya stagnated by force of the political situation and a lot of guests stayed away. At this point it was necessary to look for an international hotel operator, which could develop new distribution and marketing strategies to boost the tourism again.

The hotel managent staff and the owner have set themselves the goal to achieve international standards to attract the Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort for guests again.
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